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So you’ve purchased or received a water flosser, but you’re scared of using it. You’re used to flossing, and this new machine is the genesis of the robot uprising. Many of our patients actually prefer water flossing to traditional flossing, and though the adapting from traditional flossing can take some time to become familiar with, it can be an awesome way to keep your mouth healthy.

Here are some suggestions on using your water flosser for the first time:

-First, wash out the basin of the flosser (without using soap) to ensure that any particles have been removed.

-Once the basin has been washed out, fill the flosser with the suggested amount of water.

-Place the spout of the water flosser into your mouth and seal your lips.

-Because this is your first time using the water flosser, turn it on using the lower setting; after several uses of the water flosser on its lower setting, you can determine if the higher setting is better for you.

-Starting at the back of your chompers, point the spout of the flosser just above your gumline and at a 45-degree angle. Let the spout spray water for one to two seconds before moving it.

-After washing all of your teeth, empty the basin and flush the spout off to remove any germs.

And voila! You’ve just completed your first water flossing session. We hope it was an enjoyable experience for you and that you’ll continue flossing once a day throughout your life. For more info about water flossers and how to use them, come see us for an oral checkup. Give us a call at 936-856-9969 now to schedule your next checkup to our Patient-First Dental Care office in Conroe, Texas, with Dr. Gayle Fletcher.