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The dental sealants applied to your child’s molars and premolars by your Patient-First Dental Care dentist are essentially a thin film of durable plastic resin that serves as a barrier to prevent the bacteria from exploiting stuck-on plaque and food particles. This effectively prevents cavities on the biting surface of their back teeth.

We would like to remind you and your child that these dental sealants are only protecting the biting surfaces of the teeth. The enamel on the sides of the teeth and the areas between them are still just as vulnerable to cavities as any other tooth in your mouth.

It’s important for your son or daughter to maintain their daily oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing twice a day. This should also include all of the surfaces of their back teeth, and flossing behind the last molar.

You should encourage them to brush the biting surfaces of their back teeth as well. The dental sealants are durable, and won’t wear off by daily brushing.

If you have questions about your child’s new dental sealants, you can always call Patient-First Dental Care’s clinic in Conroe, Texas at 936-856-9969 to ask a question. We look forward to helping your son or daughter have a healthy mouth for many years to come!