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By the time your children reach six years of age, they are probably ready to start brushing their teeth on their own. While you can let them brush, you should work with them to develop good brushing and flossing habits, and inspect their teeth to make sure that they have done a thorough job.

To help involve your child in their oral health routine, you can let them select their own toothpaste. Toothpaste comes in a variety of fun flavors and themes, and as long as it is ADA approved and contains fluoride, your child’s selection should be fine. Toothbrushes are available in fun shapes including cartoon characters and superheroes. An electric toothbrush might seem more enjoyable, and if it will get your child excited about brushing, it may well be worth the investment. Again, look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

Teach your child how important it is that they brush for two minutes in the morning and at night. You can have special tooth brushing songs or music to help them brush for the right amount of time. Be sure to give your child praise and encouragement when they do a good job brushing. You might even buy a spare toothbrush and let them practice brushing on a doll, action figure or stuffed animal. It will also help if you brush your teeth along with your child. Not only will you be able to see how they are doing, but you will also be setting a good example when it comes to oral hygiene.

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