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When storing your toothbrush, never be afraid to implement effective habits that you use continuously. Once you get into a routine, your muscle memory will take over, and you’ll find yourself naturally following the proper habits. This includes caring for your toothbrush. Always make sure you store your toothbrush properly and safely so that it can continue to function as intended.

When caring for your teeth, always make sure that your toothbrush is cared for as well. Keep it clean whenever it is not in use. This includes airing it out and storing it in areas where it will not collect moisture and mildew. Always make sure you store your toothbrush correctly and never share it with anyone else. Also, make sure to store it away from other toothbrushes in areas were contamination cannot occur.

When storing your toothbrush, always be sure to inspect it before each use. If it appears to be worn or frayed, you will need to replace it. Ideally, you need to replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months or earlier as needed. For younger individuals, their toothbrushes will need to be replaced even sooner.

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