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Saving your smile begins with fluoride supplementation. They call fluoride nature’s cavity fighter because it is a naturally occurring mineral that studies have shown can combat cavities. Tooth enamel is the thin layer on the surface of your teeth the guards your teeth from damage caused by bacteria and harmful acids that can cause infection, erosion, and decay. For more information, listed below are a few typical facts about fluoride:

– Fluoride supplements can also be located online or in stores in lozenge form, as well as tablets and drops.

– Fluoride is often found in many varieties of toothpaste. Always look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association on packages of toothpaste to ensure it reaches the standards required to successfully protect and clean your teeth.

– Fluoride can be discovered in naturally-occurring water all over the world and it has been added to the public drinking water supply to provide an additional layer of protection for your teeth.

– If you would like a professional application of fluoride, they can be given by your dentist at the office.

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