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Your TMJs refer to the temporomandibular joints, which are the ball and socket joints that connect the jaw to the skull to enable proper mouth function. There are numerous components involved to ensure effective function, and the occurrence of a breakdown or damage can lead to what is known as TMJ disorder. If you struggle with TMJ disorder, make this the year that you seek treatment and find relief from your symptoms.

Treating disorder in the TMJ may require treatment for an underlying health condition such as bruxism, which is the unconscious grinding your teeth and resulting damage to the TMJs. Addressing areas of bruxism may be needed to treat TMJ disorder. We also encourage you to address any stress in your life that could be lending itself to jaw pain.

Habits that worsen TMJ disorder include biting your nails, eating hard or tough foods, or frequently chewing gum, and these habits should be avoided for a time to allow your jaw to fully heal. Practices to reduce stress in your jaw include yoga and listening to soft music. You may also find relief from TMJ ailments by using ice packs, heat packs, or medications.

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