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Along with the pumpkins, ghosts, and ghouls that will be around this holiday season, so too will there be plenty of sugary sweets and treats. With this in mind, it is important to make sure you take care of your teeth so they can survive the risks of oral ailments that lie before you. Keep in mind the following tips for Halloween happiness:

– Remove sugary candy from you or your loved one’s candy supply. You can switch out candy for toys, money, or other rewards.
– Always be sure to check all the candy that you receive, and remove any pieces that can cause an additional damage including those that stick to your teeth and gums or are difficult to wash away in your mouth.
– Visit your dentist for an oral exam and a professional cleaning.
– Practice effective oral health care including brushing away residue that lingers in your mouth.
– Eat healthy treats to ensure a healthy smile.
– Go for short binges when snacking, as snacking over long periods of time and in between meals can increase the time that dental erosion can occur.
– Implement a candy plan to decide what should be done with leftover candy as to prevent snacking for weeks on end.

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