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If you’re teeth have been fully grown in for a long time, and you haven’t received orthodontic care yet, you may be at a higher risk for dental problems if you want to receive a cosmetic fix. If your teeth need an orthodontist fix, then Patient-First Dental Care is ready to help get the right look and comfortability for you and your smile.

Cosmetic reasons may not overrule dental health reasons if you are looking to fix your teeth for looks. Braces in adults are more common for those who did not get them fixed when they were younger. If you decide to get braces now, you face multiple scenarios of infections, bone/root loss, and other issues.

When younger, your teeth are still soft and there is sufficient bone underneath the tooth for continuing growth; however, as an adult, you have fully grown into your teeth and they have hardened. This will take the teeth longer to adjust. If you need your bite fixed, a tooth may need to be extracted for room, and a previous tooth extraction if left alone is filled in with a prosthetic tooth.

If adjustments are made and the teeth are not watched closely, the body may reabsorb the tooth’s root. This may lead to tooth loss, or TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder) may occur if not attended to by your dentist.

Here in Conroe, Texas, our clinic wants to give you the best smile and the comfortability every person needs. Call 936-856-9969 to schedule an appointment or consult to discuss whether you are eligible for braces today or if you want a cosmetic dental fix.