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The teeth in the front of your mouth play a variety of roles. On a functional level, they are responsible for biting as well as grinding and chewing food. On a cosmetic level, they show expression in your smile and they influence your overall appearance. When a tooth is lost, Dr. Gayle Fletcher and the dental restoration specialists at his Conroe, Texas, clinic will often recommend a dental implant.

The process starts with a minor oral surgery to install a titanium abutment. An incision will be made in your gums then a small hole will be drilled directly into the bone before a titanium abutment will be screwed into place. A hard, plastic, temporary crown will be cemented over the top to protect it while the implant gradually fuses with the surrounding bone tissues.

Once everything has knit together, Dr. Gayle Fletcher will cast a detailed impression of the area. This will be sent to a professional dental lab where a porcelain crown will be created. The special dental-grade porcelain used can be specifically shaded to match the tooth enamel of the surrounding teeth in your smile. Once it has been cemented in place, no one will be able to distinguish the restored tooth from the natural teeth in your smile.

If you live in the Conroe, Texas, area and you have lost a tooth in your smile, you should call 936-856-9969 to schedule a dental restoration consultation at Patient-First Dental Care.